This post is just a reminder for myself about how to connect to IRC networks like Libera and OFTC using Element.

  1. Start a new People direct message chat with the bridge app for the IRC network you require, OFTC ( for example. In this chat you will perform your interactions with the IRC network.
  2. Let’s change your nick to the one registered on that network, for the current session:
!nick Tha-Fox
  1. Set your default nick to one registered on the network, for future connections:
!username Tha-Fox
  1. Store your password so that you can be automatically authenticated in future sessions:
!storepass myPreciousPass
  1. Reconnect to the network now that you have stored the password (note this doesn’t return anything to say it was successful).
  1. Now we can finally join an IRC channel:
!join #debian