This post is more of a note to myself, but maybe one of you gets something out of it. I put this down to remind myself, how to create these posts with Hugo.

Tl;dr version Link to heading

  1. Install Hugo on a workstation where the posts will be created.
  2. Clone the repository. Note that submodules have to be cloned recursively for the theme to work.
  3. Start Hugo server and leave it running: hugo -D server
  4. Create a new post: hugo new content/en/post/
  5. Edit the post, checking the output with browser.
  6. If you want to create an immediate build in Gitlab, create a new tag: git tag -a v0.01 -m "my test tag"
  7. Push the code: git push --tags origin master
  8. Wait for Gitlab CI/CD to do its job. Then restart the Hugo website in Kubernetes: kubectl -n hugo rollout restart deployment website